Selected Interviews

Interview by Susan Rich, “Home Truth” in US journal “Poets and Writers”, Vol 26, Issue 5, September/October 1998

Interview by Charl-Pierre Naude, “Dogteroe van buite” in South African magazine, “Insig”, September 2002

Interview with Susan Rich in the South African journal “New Coin” December 1997. This now appears in the collection “South African Poets on Poetry: Interviews from New Coin 1992-2001” Edited by Robert Berold, University of Natal Press, 2003

Interview by Erica Kelley “Strangely tender: an interview with Ingrid de Kok” in the South African journal “scrutiny2: Issues in English Studies in Southern Africa”, vol 8, no 1, 2003

Interview by Paola Splendore, “La rappresentabilita del dolore” in the Italian journal Leggendaria 43, Febbraio 2004

Interview by Dorothea Steiner, “Severities and Gusto: An Interview with Ingrid de Kok” in “Imagination in a Troubled Space: A South African Poetry Reader” Eds Michela Borzaga and Dorothea Steiner, Poetry Salzburg, Salzburg, 2004

Interview by Jenney Penberthy, “Cartography of One’s Own Country” in The Capilano Review, Series 2, No 46, Spring 2005

Interview by Eleanor Wachtel 2006

Interview: New Letters on the Air 2006